Happy Cyber Monday – Try Vultr With $20 Free Credit

Did not run any promotion on Black Friday but finally, Vultr launches an offer for Cyber Monday – Up to $20 Free Credit.

At the moment, every new account at Vultr will get $20 FREE CREDIT. Plus with $3 free credit from Vultr’s Twitter Promotion, you will have $23 FREE Credit to explore Vultr.

It’s such a long time until this free credit promotion, so, if you wanna try Vultr for FREE, don’t miss this offer. I have no idea when it will end.

Follow these simple steps to get yours:

  1. Visit Vultr Cyber Monday promo page.
  2. Fill in your Email Address and Password, press Create Account.
  3. At Billing page, add your PayPal account or Credit Card to verify and take your $20.

If the free amount is not auto credited to your account, please use the code CYBERMONDAY2017.

>> Click here to visit Vultr.

***Remember to use all the free amount within 30 days from the day you receive it.

>> Many Black Friday & Cyber Monday promotions are still ALIVE. Click here to see more detail.

Good luck!

Update: Cyber Monday Promo Has Expired.

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