Namecheap Support You Replace Symantec SSL for FREE

Do you know Namecheap has just made a super hot decision that can help you get a FREE Comodo SSL to replace your existing Symantec SSL?!

After detecting Symantec mis-issued more than 30,000 certificates, Google announced that Symantec SSLs will no longer display the green bar in the Chrome browser and sites will be flagged as “untrusted”.

To ensure customers’ sites remain secure, Namecheap will offer a FREE Comodo SSL Certificate to replace your Symantec SSL. This provider will replace your current SSL with the best matched Comodo SSL.

This offer is available for both new and existing Namecheap’s clients. No any credit card or payment required, just follow the 3 simple steps to protect your website:

  • Step 1: Visit the Symantec replace page.
  • Step 2: Enter your domain name secured by Symantec SSL.
  • Step 3: Sign in or sign up a new account to activate your free certificate.

This SSL coverage is free for the remaining time of your original certificate with Symantec. After the free replacement period, you can choose to extend the current certificate by paying Namecheap for the remaining period on the certificate or not to extend, the certificate will be revoked.

There is currently no expiration date for the free Comodo SSL offer but you should act fast to keep your website safe and not lose rankings.

Hope you succeed!

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