Over 788,000 .XYZ Domains Sold in Only 1 Day

Celebrating the 2nd birthday of .XYZ domain, many registrars offer this kind of domain extension with very very low price, from $0.00 (FREE).

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In only the 1st day of the 2nd B-Day deal, there were 788,167 domains registered, bring the total number of .XYZs from 2,856,659 up to 3,644,826 domain names. Until now, June 4th, that number goes to 5,478,104 domains. (according to namestat.org ‘s statistics).

The price was too low makes anyone, both the investors or individuals, would be regret if not taking several or several dozen domain names. Yes, for only a penny per domain name, some people I know, they buy a hundred of .XYZs with 1 dollar.

I wonder how many .XYZ domains will really be put into the operation? how many of them can deliver the real value for communication? And… how many of them will just be registered, stay there to wait for the expiry day?

Go back to the XYZ’s first big giveaway on July 2014 you can find out the answer. When the sale ended, in the Network Solutions customer accounts there were 360,683 .XYZ domain names but 95% of which were deleted till October 2015, fell down to 18,919 ones.

Each domain costs $0.25, estimated .XYZ registry would have to pay about $200,000 for  ICANN fees for these one-day-added domains.

.XYZ 2nd B-day promotion will last until the end of June 2016. You can buy it with only $0.15/year at Namecheap or $0.18 at Uniregistry.

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